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The Following documentation are represented for our past job service experiences and hopefully could be the references in understanding of our company line of business

Mechanical Services on Pulverizer or Mill Piping

Coal Pipes heading to the mill or discharging from the mill are very susceptible to leakage and damage caused by continuous abrasive movements of the flowing pulverized coal. Services included the welding process for the wreckage or leakage on the pipe body and elbows, sandblasting, coating and repainting  of the pipes

Upgrading control system fron Woodward Netcon 5000 to Redundant Micronet Plus System

The services included the GAP ( Graphical Application Programmer ). HMI (Human Machine Interface) Logic transfer from the existing System, Replacement of the Control Module Panel, replacement of all P/S, CPU, Network, and I/O modules, Testing of all new logics, commissioning, startup, maintenance and operation  training for all maintenance and operators, including safety and  trouble-shooting to keep the unit safe and reliable for long term operation.

Bently Nevada 3500 Vibration Control System

Provision of pick-up sensor, Proximitor Sensor, Key phasor, complete modules and panel including operation and maintenance training. 

Instruments and ABB EDL (Electrode Discharge Lamp) for CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems)

Trouble-shooting of CEMS, Replacement of Defective Parts and Components, Commissioning and Upgrading of the control system.

Instrumentation Calibration and Metering Devices

Reliable Calibrator and Testing equipments for Instrument and Control Engineer Tools and Equipments.



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